Reach universe of services and networks

Located in the most populated city of Africa, Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ACIX enables connected networks to keep their traffic local, resulting in a significant reduction of latency and cost, and a better user experience.

By its geographical position, ACIX creates an interconnection corridor across equatorial Africa, bridging the neighboring countries from the Atlantic to Indian oceans. It is a meeting point of thriving economies on a continent where International bandwidth has more than doubled over the last four years.

One access to multiple networks

With single access to the Apollon platform, you will be able to peer locally with Congolese and African networks.
In addition, you can fight malicious DDoS attacks with our Blackholing service, free of charge.

New to peering?

We help you to not only to get started with peering but also assist you with any peering related questions. Information about how to start peering and tips how to optimize your peering can be found in our resource library.